Support and help

Do you feel overwhelmed by your problems? Are you feeling stressed? Or do you want to explore an issue or make changes in your life? As a qualified counsellor I will listen deeply and work with you as you examine whatever you are facing, supporting you to find solutions or to find peace with what is.

While the process of change is not always easy, I make every attempt to create a welcoming atmosphere for my clients. Building a good therapeutic realtionship is a priority for me in order to help facilitate useful counselling work.

Change and connection

When we examine our lives we often discover that we are acting from a place of habit and responding from places within ourselves that have been shaped by our past experiences and traumas.

When you connect with your feelings, patterns and purpose then real change can happen. Brainspotting may be used to help desensitize trauma. 

All counselling sessions are conducted within the person-centred framework.


Person Centred Therapy

The fundamental premise is that you have all the resources to move your situation forward; my role as therapist is to support you in that process. Rather than placing myself as the authority on your life I support you in a non-judgemental, empathic way to discover your own inner qualities and wisdom. You  are the expert on your life.

I meet you with honesty and respect supporting you in reaching a place where you feel empowered to navigate any difficult stages of your life that may be presenting.

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